Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Word of the Day

My favorite show right now is a pseudo-political news broadcast/interview similar to the Daily Show called the Colbert Report. Stephen Colbert plays conservative newsman who was formerly a senior correspondent on the Daily Show. He always stays in character and can be a very arrogant man but funny at the same time. He always has a guest on at the end of the show but unlike most shows where the guest comes to the host Colbert mockingly runs to a side stage where he meets the guest and is treated like the guest with admiration and respect. My favorite part of the show is the Word of the Day. Sometimes it is more than one word and at other times can be a fake compilation of more than one. Stephen describes a story based around the Word of the Day and a computer generated sidescreen displays often opposital(just made my own word of the day up) humor than totally disagrees with what he might be saying. I know I can always get a laugh from that man who is full of it.

Clinton's Agenda

Hilary Clinton has always seem to care about the American people to some degree when developing her health care program during her husband's terms as President even though it failed. The New York Times recently reported that she plans to have an extensive program more than any other candidate for helping the fight on AIDS/HIV. It doesn't come as much of a surprise to me that she outduels other candidates such as Obama and Edwards. She is a calm, calculated killer with ice in her veins whose a seasoned veteran. It's my guess even though a year away from the Presidential Election that she will be the first woman president ever. I have a feeling she would actually follow through with this proposal or atleast try while most politicians only talk she wants to make history. She plans to" 'significantly reducing the number of new infections' and would set measurable goals and time lines for increasing prevention efforts and expanding access to treatment." Hopefully she'll come through.
Apparently since there is no strong Republican candidate there is no possible chance that they can win the election which is a year from now as opposed to the Democrats who only have to strong contenders and both would change the political landscape of what a President has always been a white male. The author of Polls find GOP isn't touching voters forgets that often there have been no-namers up to the primaries who have emerged into two-term Presidents such as Bill Clinton. He does have a partly legitimate point that the Republicans may be in big trouble especially since Hilary is winning the overall polls but this thing is far from over.

Huffington Post

It never surprises me how if someone dislikes another human being they will do anything in their power to twist and turn words and phrases into demented lies. Recently the Huffington Post, declared that Huckabee has no foreign policy experience and would obviously be inept to be the President of the United States. The article keeps citing Obama but in actuality Obama also has very little foreign policy experience, not a match to Hilary Clinton. A President doesn't need to know everything and be experienced in every aspect since that is impossible that is why he possesses aids and cabinets members to help make decisions. The post was interesting because it caught my attention but I have a passion to viamately disagree with him. He takes very small statements some only two lines and picks at small points or totally irrelevant issues to the statement. Lionel if you don't like him just say you don't like him for certain reason like he is a conservative and your not. Pick your battles wisely.

When I was searching for a feminist blog to comment about, I was expecting an ultra liberal wacko feminist blog that despised men and mocked their every move. I was actually agreeing with some of the viewpoints for a while but then it made me think. The post described the dangers of females getting really wasted and then posting the pictures on a website such as facebook. Their future employers may disqualify them from a job if they ever saw some of those drunk night pictures while if a man had some of the pictures he wouldn't be tarnished since he would probably drink with that employer. I disagree on the second point since men and women could be disqualified based on those pictures and it is not a gender thing. My friend has actually deleted all his drunk photos off facebook. She contends that woman must get rid of these pictures or call it a night earlier though if both of her premises were true one that men can afford these pictures and that men and woman are on the same playing field then her post would be redundant and wouldn't make sense. Yet women are not on the same playing field just yet and smart women like this one who are not wacko ultra feminists are helping get woman closer to where they want to be.

Tipping Point

Global Warming has been pushed off long enough by Americans and it seems that very soon something will be done by the leaders of this country. I recently read an environmental blog. It turns out that 2007 will be the second warmest year since 1880 bar to 2005. According to research within the next two - three years 2005 will be a once forgotten record with higher temperature increases expected around the globe. The research is getting technical and graphs more in depth and scrutinizing. I once thought global warming was a scheme but I've changed my mind. Something needs to be done. Hopefully politicians won't waste more time and put off problems that the next generation will suffer since it doesn't directly affect them.


Recently, Thomas L. Friedman wrote an excellent article in the opinion section of the New York Times that reminded Americans that Iran is still a threat regardless of what is happening. He made an excellent correlation that Iran is like a neighborhood drug dealer and there are certain neighbors who want to get him removed. It is obvious as day that he is a drug dealer but the police can do nothing about it because of the strict legal definition. He also makes a very important quote that I found deep with insight. "As I’ve also said before: Some things are true even if George Bush believes them, but good luck getting anyone to buy that anymore. " No other countries want to use economic sanctions just because of business propositions. My cousin and I had an argument when America went into Iraq on why we might as well invade Iran since they harbor terrorists and have capabilities to produce nuclear bombs. His statement seems to be ringing true more than ever.